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Jiaxing Sunlong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.
Jiaxing Sunlong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying aromatic chemicals, essential oils and food additives since 1987. Over the years, "WinSunChem" became a famous brand domestic and overseas.
We supply many qualified products to multitudes of international enterprises for decades, and have a good reputation in America , Europe and Asia . We are not only regard the quality control system "ISO9001" as the goal, but also strictly adhering to the principle of "taking contract seriously and keeping promise earnestly ".
Our quality policy is: Offer the qualified, reliable and satisfied products to clients with the advanced facility, the High quality talent and the modernized management.
Our service promise is:
--Reasonable and competitive quotation
--Qualified products and materials
--Good service for the customers
--Reliable transportation
--Stable business relationship with global professional suppliers and manufacturers
--Regular shipment and importing & exporting business.
We are looking forward to cooperating with you .
we will try to be better!
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